Casa of Ohio Valley (KY)

Good Faith Immunity

KRS 620.050 (1): Good Faith Immunity: Anyone acting upon reasonable cause in the making of a report in good faith has immunity from liability, civil or criminal…That person also has the same immunity with respect to participation in any judicial proceeding resulting from such report or action. 

KRS 620.050 (11): Confidentiality: Identifying information concerning the individual initiating the report shall not be disclosed. 
Exceptions include: 
• to law enforcement officials with a legitimate interest in the case; 
• to members of multidisciplinary teams as defined by KRS 620.020 that operated under KRS 431.600; 
• under a court order, after the court has conducted an in camera review of the record of the state related to the report and has found reasonable cause to believe that the reporter knowingly made a false report; or 
• external child fatality/near fatality review panel.