Casa of Ohio Valley (KY)

What is Child Neglect?

NeglectFailure to provide essential protection, care, supervision, food, clothing, shelter, education or medical care necessary for the child's health and safety – considering the child’s age


Supervision:  Age of the child (chronological and developmental), length of time the child is unsupervised, maturity of the child, availability of other adults/resources to the child, and safety hazards present in the home or neighborhood

Environmental: A serious health and safety hazard is present (including: hazardous materials or chemicals, raw sewage, insufficient shelter, a fire/safety hazard, infestations of vermin or rodents)

Medical: Untreated injury, illness, condition or disability that may: interfere with normal functioning and worsen without treatment, become life-threatening, result in permanent impairment

Risk of Harm: Incapacitated caretakers, repeated exposure to domestic violence, exposure to a sexual offender

Educational: Age of child, school’s exhaustion of all resources, caretaker’s neglect prevents child from attending, performing, etc.

Substance use/abuse: Caretaker under the influence while caring for/driving child, their use has affected their ability to parent

Food: Dietary needs not met, health impacted (i.e. malnutrition, dehydration, period of time)

Hygiene/Clothing: Child’s physical health is affected by caretaker’s act or omission

Emotional injury: Inflicted harm on child’s emotional well-being by non-accidental means, often requires a QMHP assessment

Dependency: The child is without essential protection, care, etc. not due to an intentional act by the parent