Learn About Us

Learn About Us

CASA of Ohio Valley is dedicated to helping children

CASA of Ohio Valley is a nonprofit child advocacy program. We're members of the national CASA organization, but we focus on serving Daviess and McLean County. We were founded in 1996.

We work hard to recruit community members to become child advocate volunteers. We'll train you to represent the best interests of vulnerable children who are being abused or neglected. You'll also help children who are suffering because of the unintentional actions or inactions of their parents.

You can be the glue that holds the complicated child welfare system together. Call us now at 270-683-2138 to sign up for a training session.

Pick up the skills you need from our staff

Our experienced staff members will make sure you're trained to be the best possible advocate possible for your assigned child. We provide 30 hours of pre-service training and 12 hours of in-service training per year. We'll give you the tools you need to make reasonable assessments of a child's situation. You'll also learn how to best present your findings in court.

Contact us today to get involved with our child advocacy organization.


CASA of Ohio Valley, Inc. exists to advocate for the best interest of innocent abused or neglected children who are in the Family Court systems of Daviess or McLean Counties. CASA provides trained, qualified court-appointed adult volunteers to advocate for safe, permanent and loving homes where these children can thrive.


CASA of Ohio Valley envisions a world where every child who has experienced abuse or neglect is given the opportunity to thrive in a safe and loving home.


In working to achieve our vision, we act on the following core values:

We seek opportunities, embrace challenges, and accept changes that improve our program. We review and adapt our processes to address the changing conditions around us by:

  • Maintaining knowledge of trends in child welfare issues in order to effectively evaluate our processes
  • Reviewing and revising processes to reflect best practices related to volunteer advocacy
  • Proactively evaluate challenges and adapt policies and procedures to reduce risk to the program
  • Use innovative and data-driven methods to effectively evaluate processes and changes

We collaborate within our organization, the National and State CASA networks, and other stakeholders to effectively and creatively fulfill our mission. We see each other as allies working toward the goal of best interest for the children we serve by:
  • Maintaining the environment of teamwork and growth.
  • Being considerate of other points of view to accomplish goals and objectives.
  • Honorable and respectful involvement in the child welfare system, with the courts and other associated parties.
  • Independent and educated recommendations, true to our understanding of each child's best interest, that prioritizes children's safety and, wherever possible, preserving connections to their family of origin.

We respect diversity in all forms, understanding it reflects and affects all aspects of our organization. We seek out ways to have greater awareness of opportunities to be more inclusive and welcoming by:
  • Showing respect to self and others.
  • Fostering a trusting, open and inclusive environment at all levels within the organization.
  • Being conscious of the dynamics inherent when cultures interact.
  • Managing the dynamics of difference, and acquiring and institutionalizing cultural knowledge.
  • Inclusiveness, diversity, respect for all cultures and ethnicities: for children, families, volunteers, staff, Board of Directors, and supporters.

We believe each employee, volunteer Advocate, and our Board of Directors has an integral role to play in delivering excellent service to our program. We are responsive and proactive to the needs of the child victims of abuse and neglect, our community and our stakeholders by:
  • Being efficient and effective in our approach to generate the best solution each time.
  • Being reliable and responsive to our stakeholders.
  • Providing excellence in all our endeavors.

We pursue excellence in everything we do to support our staff and volunteer Advocates in providing advocacy for abused and neglected children. We evaluate our processes and strive for continuous improvements by:
  • Continually striving to increase our individual and collective professional knowledge and skills and to apply them to our work, celebrating our successes, and learning from our failures.
  • Adopting best practices in nonprofit excellence.
  • Empowering the community through professional screening, training, supervision and support of our volunteer Advocates.

We are committed to being responsive, respectful, honest, fair and humane. We address issues directly and express appreciation and uphold the values of our organization by:
  • Honoring our commitments
  • Adhering to the highest professional standards
  • Being accountable to our stakeholders for our actions, successes, and failures
  • Operating legally and ethically, contributing our time, resources and know-how to improve the organization and benefit those served
  • Communicating openly up, down, and across the organization

We operate from a common purpose, doing what is best for our organization in order to serve the child victims of abuse and neglect in our community. We are committed to achieving financial accountability and sustainability through responsible management of resources entrusted to us to promote and protect the mission of our organization by:
  • Upholding the CASA of Ohio Valley Mission, Vision and Values.
  • Valuing sustainable progress as much as immediate achievements in developing long term programmatic and financial resources and partnerships.
  • Evaluating and revising policies and processes for fiscal management for compliance with local, state and federal guidelines for nonprofit organizations.
  • Exercising a high level of transparency around the financial resources we have been entrusted to manage.